New Members joined our church on January 24, 2016
New Members joined our church on January 24, 2016

Thinking of joining us at the Richmond Congregational Church, UCC?
Please do – we’d love to meet you!

We’re located at the corner of Church Street and Bridge Street in Richmond.

We meet for Sunday worship at 10:00 am (9:00 am in July & August)

Below we have addressed some common questions that people sometimes have – feel free to read on, but to sum it up briefly – YOU are welcome here. Come as you are.



Basic Information:
  • Come as you are! What do we mean? We mean that all are invited to join us at the Richmond Congregational Church, not because your are fulfilled and not to express an opinion but “to seek a presence and pray for a spirit.”
  • Where should I park? Most people park across the street at the library/Post Office parking lot. If you have mobility issues or young children, please feel free to park in the spots on Church Street close to the door; otherwise, please park a bit further, to ensure that all who would like to attend can do so.
  • Who is welcome to worship here? Everyone is always welcome to join us for worship.
Worship Service:
  • How do I know what’s going on during the service? When you enter the church, the ushers will hand you a bulletin, which lists the order of worship for that service. It contains the text of the prayers that we will say in unison, and will list the numbers for the hymns that we will be singing.  You will find most of the hymns in the hymnals in the pew racks.
  • What should I do with my children? Children are welcome! From September – June, nursery care and Sunday School are available during the worship service, but your children may also stay in church the whole time.  Usually, there is a Children’s Message in the early part of the worship service, after which children are invited to join their peers for Sunday School.  There is a children’s offering that takes place during the children’s message, the proceeds help sponsor two children through Plan International USA. In the summer months, our nursery room is available for parents to go with their “young and restless”, and children ages 5+ are invited to the “Meet Me At The River” summer program, where children walk to the park at Volunteers’ Green for a bible story/activity and play time, then back to church for fellowship.
  • Who may take Communion? All who seek a relationship with Jesus Christ are invited to take communion. We receive communion once a month, usually on the first Sunday. In an effort to be all-inclusive, we serve non-alcoholic grape juice andKidsOnCouch gluten free bread. On days when communion is served in the front of church, those who are unable to come forward may signal an usher and be served in their pew.
  • Fellowship – After church, you are invited to join us in the Parlor (at the back of the sanctuary) for fellowship time and refreshments.  This is a good time to meet members of the congregation, ask questions, and have a hot/cold drink and a snack.  At that time, children are dismissed from Sunday School to join us.

Accessibility for all people is very important for us at the Richmond Congregational Church. In order to be able to welcome all visitors, we have the following:

  • A lift to provide accessibility between floors
  • Accessible rest rooms on both floors
  • Sound amplification
  • Large Print Bulletins and Hymnals (ask the ushers)

When parking, please feel free to park along Church Street, as close to the entrance as you can, or in the spots directly across the street in front of the library. We have asked our members to leave the spots closest to the church available for those with mobility issues and/or young children. Of course, guide dogs are welcome. At services when communion is served at the front of the church, our ushers are on the lookout for those who may not be able to come forward. Please feel free to alert an usher when you arrive, or simply raise your hand or catch the eye of an usher to alert him/her that you would prefer to receive communion in your pew. Please ask an usher for any assistance you may need.