Thanksgiving Wish

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at the Richmond Congregational Church, UCC. May you experience the abundant blessings of gratitude, grace, peace, joy, hope and love this holiday season and throughout the year.

RCC Seeking Musician

Richmond Congregational Church UCC, an open and affirming church, is seeking a musician with keyboard and accompanying skills. Instruments available are a two manual digital organ and upright piano which have been well maintained. Applicant should be open to playing sacred and spiritual music and preferably possess an ability to sight read. The individual will work closely with the pastor and music director. The position involves playing for Sunday Services and accompanying the choir. The choir sings once a month from September to June, with two evening rehearsals per month on Thursdays. Attendance at the evening rehearsals is negotiable. For more details about salary and specific work responsibilities please visit  Please send resumes to: PO Box 302, Richmond, VT 05477; or email them to  Applicants will be auditioned.

A Pastoral Letter in Response to the Election

November 9, 2016

Dear Friends in Christ,

This morning our country seems particularly divided into red states and blue states, Democrats and Republicans, conservatives and progressives. As people of faith, let us remember that God is bigger than any one candidate, political party, or election. God also can hold any emotion we might feel at the election results – all of the pride, sadness, tears, joys, happiness, turmoil, challenge, hate, acceptance, vitriol, pride, peace, unanswered questions – God holds it all.

God also holds us all in God’s hands. No matter who we are or who we love, or what we look like, or what language we speak, or what our IQ is, or how much money is in our bank account, or what zip code we live in, or how young or old we are, we are ALL held in the arms of our loving and tender Creator.

This election cycle has made it easy to label and stereotype. It has been tough on our spirits, souls, and psyches. We’ve come to see people across the aisle as our enemy, instead of our sister or brother in Christ. So today especially let us remember that we are all worthy of God’s love and care. Let us also remember our Christian calling. Jesus taught us to do justice, seek peace, walk humbly, love our neighbors (even and especially the ones we disagree with.) Our country needs to hear this message now more than ever. Let us recommit to working for a world where all of God’s children can live in peace, justice, hope, and love. This is the world I’m praying, hoping, and working for. Will you join me?

With Peace,

Rev. Katelyn B. Macrae

P.S. If you need a space or person to talk to, please call me at the church office or send me an email.

Halloween Treats at the RCC

Thank you to everyone who helped on Halloween. We had a great time carving pumpkins, handing out candy to Trick or Treaters and giving away free hot cider to around 500 people! Mount Mansfield Community Television stopped by to see how we celebrate Halloween at RCC! There are also some fun pictures from Halloween night and pumpkin carving on the church’s facebook page.

Fall Rummage Sale

Fall Rummage Sale – Friday & Saturday October 21 & 22.

Donations may be dropped off in the Fellowship Hall Mon. Oct. 17 through noon on Thurs. Oct. 20. We welcome all donations of clean, seasonal clothing and household items in good, useable condition. We DO NOT accept ski equipment, books (except children’s books), luggage, electronics, TVs, computers or furniture. For more information, please contact coordinators: Sharon Dwire at 434-2596 or Janice Chandler at 434-2692

 *NEW THIS FALL* Raffle with over $1000 in prizes. Tickets available now, drawing at the Rummage Sale on October 22. Contact Leta Watkins at 434-2243 for more information.

All Rummage Sale proceeds benefit church outreach and other local charitable efforts.

Progresso Soup Can Challenge

October Progresso Soup Can Pyramid Challenge
During the month of October, we will be collecting cans of Progresso soup (PROGRESSO ONLY please) for the Richmond Food shelf. The congregation will be divided into two groups, one with the last name beginning with A-M and the other for N-Z; to see which group can build the biggest pyramid of cans of soup! So bring your cans to church on Sunday morning or drop them off at the church office during the week and let the game begin! Please check the expiration dates on the cans to make sure they will not expire for at least the next few months.

69th Annual Chicken Pie Supper Highlights

Thank you to all the busy hands who helped set up, prepare, serve and clean up and all those who enjoyed a community meal!  Here are some highlights of the evening:

Blessing of the Animals SignSeptember 18, 2016

On a beautiful September Sunday morning, several dogs, Perry the guinea pig, a chicken named Mozart, and the people who care for these pets, gathered on the front lawn Richmond Congregational Church, United Church of Christ for the third annual Blessing of the Animals. For those animals who could not travel, their owners brought pictures of their pets to be blessed in-absentia. 

At one point during the service, the dogs broke into a howling chorus, joining the people as we sang “All God’s Critters Got a Place in the Choir!” At the appropriate time each animal came forward to receive a blessing, and a certificate to mark the occasion. A wonderful time was had by creatures great and small!

Katelyn blesses Leroy.
Katelyn blesses Leroy.
Margaret with Alta, her Golden Retriever
Margaret with Alta, her Golden Retriever
 Jenn with Molly the Springer Spaniel

Jenn with Molly the Springer Spaniel
Seamus with Mozart the Chicken
Seamus with Mozart the Chicken
Katelyn, Nathan and Koda
Katelyn, Nathan and Koda
Blue and Leroy play together on the church's front lawn after the Blessing of the Animals
Blue and Leroy play together on the church’s front lawn after the Blessing of the Animals
Sparkle the Dog
Sparkle the Dog
Mozart the Chicken
Mozart the Chicken

Community Blessing of the Animals

On Sunday September 18 at 10:00 AM we will again hold a community blessing of the animals. You are invited to bring your pet to church for a special blessing – no matter whether it has feathers, fur, or scales – we celebrate all God’s critters!  The service will be held outside on the front lawn (weather permitting).

91st Annual Round Church Pilgrimage

Sunday September 4, 2016 was our 91st annual Pilgrimage to the Round Church! As we gathered to worship in this beautiful and historic place, we join with our ancestors in faith who built this church more than 200 years ago. Worship included two musical selections from the choir, “The Prayer” and “Go Now in Peace” as well as Communion. The sermon topic for the week was “Modern Day Pilgrims.” Guest reader Sally Singer joined us from the Richmond Historical Society to share Psalm 139, our scripture this week.