Sunday Bulletin for 7.25.21

CLICK HERE to see the worship bulletin for our Christmas in July service, 7/25/21.

Christmas in July! On Sunday, we’ll gather online and in person to celebrate Christmas in July. Our worship will start with lighting the Advent Wreath and will include scripture, poetry and Carol singing as we tell the story of Jesus, the light of the world and the Prince of Peace, coming into the world. There may even be some Christmas cookies for Coffee Hour! Feel free to dress up in red and green! I will be asking for volunteer readers on Sunday to help with all of the lessons.
Our congregation is not the only church celebrating Christmas in July. Here’s a wonderful radio story which appeared earlier this week on NPR. As NPR corresponded Deena Prichep said, “Christmas is usually celebrated on one of the longest nights of the year, when the light of the world scatters the darkness. Nobody knows when Jesus was really born. It might not have been December at all. And for many congregations, finally coming together again brings that hope of a new dawn.”
So let us gather with hope, peace, joy and love as we celebrate Christmas in July!
With Advent(urous) Anticipation,