Reflections from the Pastor

Ash Wednesday Worship Service

Join us for an Ash Wednesday worship service on Wednesday, February 14, at 12:00 pm (noon). If you are unable to attend at that time, you may contact Pastor Katelyn to meet for a private imposition of ashes later that day.

Mission Trip 2/24-3/6

The Costa Rica Mission Trip is less than a month away. As we prepare for our Mission Trip, two families Jeffry & Katia and Berta & Gerson, have been selected to receive the Mercy Home Ministries houses  or “Casas Misericordias” that we will build.  Please keep these families,  the MHM staff, and the Mission Team in prayer in these upcoming days.

Annual Heifer Living Market a Success!

On December 10, our Sunday School students hosted a Heifer International “Living Market” to help raise funds for global families in need. We are proud to report that over $1000 was raised for this worthy cause!

“Tour de Creches”

On December 10, several families brought in their Nativity Creshes to share during fellowship. It was neat to see how different they all were!

Community Senior Center Lunch a success!

On November 9, we hosted the Community Senior Center of Richmond, Huntington and Bolton’s Harvest Lunch. The students from the Mansfield Cooperative School served soup, salad, bread, and desserts to over 65 seniors from our local area. We had a sing-along of “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” and entertainment from the “Coop” students, in the form of music and poetry. A wonderful time was had by all!


Join us for Trick-or-Treats tonight!

Happy Halloween! The pumpkins are carved and the power is on! The Richmond Congregational Church will be handing out candy and apple cider (hot or cold) to Trick-or-Treaters and their adult companions tonight from 5-8 pm on the front porch.

Sunday of Service a Success!

“We stand tallest when we stoop to help others”

We had a wonderful day serving our community at our third annual Sunday of Service on May 21! Projects included working on the Richmond Trails, cooking meals for Act 1 & Bridge programs, singing at Sterling House, helping Our Community Cares Camp with their annual fundraising mailing, and home projects for two of our members (gardening and window washing). Thankfully, the rain held off all day, so we were able to complete all the projects we had planned.

Times Ink article, May 2017

There are so many places that we could choose to be on Sunday morning – Church of the Inner Spring (sleeping in), Church of the Holy Mountains (Hiking, Skiing, Mountain Biking) St. Futbol’s (soccer) or St. Arbucks (NY Times & Coffee). Actual church gets lower and lower on that priority list as Gen Xers and Millenials no longer have the ingrained tradition and obligation of attending church that previous generations did. Even with all of this, I continue to believe that being a part of a faith community is important and adds to the value of the broader community.
At RCC our new motto is “Love God, Seek Peace, Build Community, Welcome All.” Everyone is welcome here. In a world that is increasingly polarized, it is important to have a place where diverse views are welcome. We don’t all hold the same view point, or vote the same way – and that’s okay.
Each week during worship we share joys and concerns. Our church prays for each other, for our community, and for the world. In this way we recognize how we are connected to each other and to all of God’s creation. Our faith community also rallies around people in times of joy and pain through celebrating births, marriages, and funerals.
In Sunday School we teach our children about God’s extravagant love and welcome. We also instill a sense of responsibility to care for others. Jesus taught us to care for the poor and marginalized, to practice forgiveness, and to seek peace. We try to live out this message with the Thursday Peace Vigil, participating in the COTS Walk, raising money to purchase animals through Heifer International, doing community service projects like the Sunday of Service held on May 21st, and supporting organizations like Our Community Cares Camp and Friday Food Affair.
We are planning a Mission Trip to Costa Rica from February 24-March 5, 2018 to build 2 homes for families in need. The trip is for adults and high school youth (with parent chaperone). We welcome community members to join us on the trip or make a donation to support construction costs. For more information see:
As Christians we look inward to discover our unique identity as a child of God, and we look outward to use the unique gifts and talents we’ve each been given to serve others. I’m proud to serve RCC, and to help our community grow into the people God has made us to be. And I invite you to consider doing something radically countercultural – join us some Sunday morning and come find out what we’re about! You might just be surprised!
Upcoming Church Events:
  • June 4: Pentecost 10:00 AM
  • June 11: Celebration Sunday 10:00 AM – Celebrate the end of the school year as we honor graduates, present Bibles to youth, and thank Sunday School Teachers.