Our choir and guests 12/20/15
Our choir and guests 12/20/15

The Adult choir sings one Sunday a month and on special occasions, such as Christmas Eve. Generally, rehearsals are 2-3 Thursdays a month, normally the weeks before the choir sings, as well as that Sunday morning before church. This group is non-auditioned, and sound files of the music and individual parts can be provided upon request.

The schedule of when the choir will sing, along with rehearsal dates and times can be found on the RCC Google Calendar.

People interested in joining the choir can either contact choir director, Esther Nui via email at: or simply show up at rehearsal.

Summer Special Music

Typically our adult choir does not perform during the summer months. Therefore, we are hoping that you could help fill our church with uplifting music of all kinds,whether singing, playing an instrument, dancing or reciting a poem to music! Children and adults of all ages are welcome!! To sign up for summer music, contact Jen Greenwood in the church office by phone at 434-2053 or email  Please include the names of those performing,  the date you would be willing to perform and titles of your song, dance, poem, etc. You may perform 1- 4 pieces, and you  may  also have family or friends join you! Please remember that Sunday services, starting in July, are at 9:30 am!