Sunday Worship 9.13.20

Live from the RCC Sanctuary!

CLICK HERE to watch the video of our worship service from Sunday, September 13, 2020. The service was led by Pastor Katelyn, the reader was Cindy Preston, Ginny Churchill provided special music (clarinet), Jen Greenwood was the musician, and behind the scenes was Nathan Sadler (tech wizard), Morgan Wolaver (video), and Caleigh Larrabee & Molly Warren (Anna Wranglers).

CLICK HERE to see the worship bulletin.

Sunday Worship 8.30.20

CLICK HERE to watch the video of our Sunday Worship Service From Sunday, August 30,2020. Our service was led by Pastor Katelyn and worship assistant Anna, with Carole Furr as reader, Jen G & Esther Nui provided music, and Nathan Sadler was the Zoom host.

CLICK HERE to view the worship bulletin.

Ice Cream Social 8.30.20

Church Ice Cream Social
Sunday, August 30 from 2:00-3:30 pm.
Come reconnect with your church family,
celebrate our new roof & dishwasher and the end of summer!

The Palmer Lane Maple Creemee Truck
will be at church 
Flavors: Maple & Red Raspberry
dish or cone (gluten free available)
by donation

(please let Jen know if you need a dairy free option
and we will have popsicles available too)

All are welcome! (event is open to the public)
Please wear a mask except while eating ice cream and practice physical distancing!

Sunday Worship 8.23.20

CLICK HERE to watch the video of our worship service from August 23, 2020. The service was lead by Rev. Katelyn Macrae, musicians Jen Greenwood, Esther Nui and the RCC Choir, reader Ingrid Cichoski, and Zoom host Nathan Sadler. We also welcomed our friends from South Hero Congregational Church as they worshipped with us in their Pastor’s absence.

CLICK HERE to see the worship bulletin.

Sunday Worship 8.16.20

CLICK HERE to see the video of the worship service on August 16, 2020; lead by Rev. Joan Newton O’Gorman. Thanks to Zoom host Carole Furr, Musicians Jen Greenwood, Esther Nui and the RCC Choir, and Esther Nui for reading our scripture.

CLICK HERE to see the worship bulletin.

A Message from our Guest Preacher,
Rev. Joan Newton O’Gorman 

Dear members and friends of Richmond Congregational Church, United Church of Christ ~    
BC (before Covid19), the month of August would be a time of continuing preparation and coordination for the start-up of Sunday School and faith formation opportunities for people of all ages.  May we please use this Sunday as an opportunity to share with each other some responses to these questions: 

  • Who has helped to shape your faith?  Parents? A teacher, coach, camp counselor?
  • Where are those places that have inspired you?  A cathedral or a summer camp?  A mission trip or a youth retreat?  
  • What sustains your faith?  Reading scripture?  Singing and playing music?  Silence and meditation? 

I will share a brief reflection about Mrs. Meschler, my landlady in Brooklyn.  I was 12 years old when we first met and the stories of her faith, family and resilience shaped me in ways I am still understanding.  Let’s meet on Sunday in that place where we inspire, support and guide each other in our faith journeys sharing the stories from scripture and our own lives that have shaped and formed us.   

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Sunday Worship 8.9.20

CLICK HERE to see a video recording of our Sunday Worship Service from August 9, 2020. Rev. Joan Newton O’Gorman lead the service, with Carole Furr as reader and Zoom host, Namo Chaisri, Esther Nui and Jen Greenwood provided music.

CLICK HERE to see the Worship Bulletin.

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