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Our weekly email “This Week At Richmond Congregational Church” is distributed through email and available online on our Facebook page and website.  This includes information pertinent to the upcoming worship service and the week ahead.  Pastor Katelyn begins the email with a message, and the body is filled with interesting “ads” and articles about events in the church and wider community. This page is interactive and offers brief glimpses of news and announcements.

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Special Worship Service 7.19.20

On July 19, 2020, we tried a different kind of worship service with Rev. Joan Newton O’Gorman at the helm. See her message below.

CLICK HERE to see a copy of the worship bulletin

In this season of change and possibility, this season of change and creativity, you are invited to view a video of a reflection that was recorded last week; a conversation between me (Joan) and Rev. Cordelia Burpee, Pastor of the South Hero Congregational Church, UCC.  We met on the lawn of the church and shared a conversation in response to the Gospel reading, the Parable of the Sower – Matthew 13:1-9; 18-23.   You are invited to view the recording of Cordelia and me reflecting in parables in general and the Sower parable in particular in advance. Then, on Sunday morning at 10 AM, let’s zoom for a conversation and responses to the reflection. I look forward to seeing you on Sunday for our conversation.   

This is a season of seeds. How is your garden growing?  Living in Grand Isle we support our local farms and farmer’s markets with deep gratitude for their labor and their imagination in providing delicious and healthy offerings to the community. Just yesterday, on a back road, we discovered a new pop-up farm stand. It is the size of a shed and packed within were the most amazing fresh picked green and purple beans, lilac petal jelly, and homemade pasta. Seeds and plants. What is taking root in your life?  How are you weathering the changes of this time? 


CLICK HERE to view the follow up conversation from Sunday morning.

7.12.20 Sunday Worship

CLICK HERE to see the video of our Sunday Worship Service from July 12, 2020. The service was lead by Pastor Katelyn and her helper, Anna. Kathy Kort was the reader, and Jen Greenwood provided the music. CLICK HERE to see the worship Bulletin.

Worship 7.5.20

CLICK HERE to see a video of our remote worship service 7.5.20. During the service, we celebrated communion and Independence Day. Rev. Katelyn Macrae lead the service, Dave Thomas was the reader and Nathan Sadler was the Zoom host. Special music was offered by the RCC choir, Esther Nui, and Jen Greenwood. CLICK HERE for the worship bulletin.

6.28.20 Worship Service

CLICK HERE to watch our June 28, 2020 Worship Service with Rev. Joan Newton O’Gorman, Musicians: Jen Greenwood & Esther Nui, Reader & Zoom Host: Carole Furr

6.21.20 Worship Service

CLICK HERE to watch the video of our Sunday Worship from June 21. We were blessed to have Rev. Joan Newton O’Gorman lead worship, Carole Furr host on Zoom, Esther Nui as reader, and music from Namo Chaisri, Jen Greenwood and Esther Nui.

July/August Newsletter

CLICK HERE to see our July/August issue of The Messenger newsletter.

Inside you’ll find:

  • Reflections from the Pastor
  • Capital Campaign Project Updates (roof & dishwasher/kitchen)
  • July & August calendars
  • The Historian’s “Peek at the Past”
  • Treasurer’s update
  • a new poem from our beloved John LaRue